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Autoclaves and sterilizers by steam under perssure ensures complete elimination of all forms of microbial life. The products in this category are steam sterilizers, dental autoclaves, portable autoclaves,etc.

MSL Cheap Autoclaves and Sterilizers for sale

The main structure of product (including the tank, inner barrel, pipes and heater) is constructed in quality stainless steel (SS304).
Actual dimension of the sterilizing chamber, cm φ60×100
A: 30L±3 0.22MPa 134℃ electronic control 4~120Min 3.0
30L 2.0kW AC 220V、50Hz 0.22MPa 134℃ φ350×350 φ320×3001個 550×531×800
Chamber Dimension (mm): 247x450 Chamber Volume (Liter): 23
(φ340×550 mm) 20L 24L 35L (φ300×500 mm) 50L
20L(φ250×420 mm) 24L(φ250×520 mm)

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