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C-arm x-ray machine is one kind of our x-ray machines, If this could not feed your requirement, just see other x-ray products, such as portable x-ray machine, mobile x-ray machine, x-ray film processor, dental x-ray machinedigital radiography.

The introdution of x-ray machine - Have you ever heard of the story about the discovery of X-ray? How was X-ray discovered? Could you figure out some uses of X-ray machine?...

MSL c-arm x ray machine for sale
With unique structure, it's convinent for C-arm X-ray Imaging System's movement and operation.
Pulse and boost fluoroscope provides all kinds of size of patients
Power:3.5kW, Double focus fixed anode focus:1.5mm / 0.6mm, Anode Heat Capacity:40kHu X-ray tube sleeve heat capacity:667kHu
100,000 static images, Diagnostic report by laser printer
Mobile orthopaedic operation C-arm, Surgery c-arm, 9 inch image intensifier - Mobile c-arm imaging system
220V, 50HZ high frequency mobile c arm x-ray machine

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