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Digital radiography is one kind of our x-ray machines, If this could not feed your requirement, just see other x-ray products such as portable x-ray machine, mobile x-ray machine, x-ray film processor, dental x-ray machine, c-arm x-ray machine.

The introdution of x-ray machine - Have you ever heard of the story about the discovery of X-ray? How was X-ray discovered? Could you figure out some uses of X-ray machine?...

Digital Radiography System MSLUB01 is a brand-new DR system launched by MSL, which can meet various clinic demands.
Radiography and Digital Fluoroscopy System machine MSLPLD5500B
High voltage 50kw x ray digital system machine MSLHX14
Ultra-light X-ray System machine with Flat panel detector MSLHX19
portable fluoroscopy machine,Nominal output power:100kV,40mA,0.1s,4kW;adjustable range:36mA~70mA
Generator: Multipulse DC X-Ray Tube: OCX105 - Digital dental x-ray machine
25kW high frequency high voltage X-ray source and high frequency inverter power supply

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