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An infusion pump infuses fluids,medication or nutrients into a patient's circulatory system.It is generally used intravenously,although subcutaneous,arterial and epidural infusions are occasionally used.

We supply many kinds of cheap infusion pumps and even with high quality,MSL syringe pumps are people known for outstanding reliability and performance.

MSL cheap infusion pumps for sale

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Small in size, light in weight. easy to carry
Three working modes: Rate/Time/Volume mode
Multi injection modes: Volume/Time/Body weight mode
MSL Brand new accurate Portable Thalassemia Syringe Pump MSLIS10 with CE approve.
KVO Rate: 1~5ml/h (Volumetric Mode) Air Detection: 5 levels of sensitivity are available
Dual 32-bit ARM microcontroller Portable infusion pump for sale - MSLIS08
Item: IV fluid controller Features: Unique voice alarm system Display: HD LCD display
IV Drip Device MSLIS05 IV Drip infusion pump/IV fluid controller/IV infusion device/Infusion pump/portable
Item: IV fluid controller Tube: 15 drops/ml, 20 drops/ml, 60 drops/ml Dimensions: 135mm*110mm*45mm Weight: 400g (battery includes)
Pediatric: generally 2-3 drops/minute ,To take off the water acidosis infant,within start 8 hours ,suggest 7-8 drops /minute.
Purge rate Purge rate of 50 ml syringe:1500 ml/h; Purge rate of 30 ml syringe:900 ml/h; Purge rate of 20 ml syringe:600 ml/h; Purge rate of 10 ml syringe:300 ml/h

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