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Mammography machine is the process of using low-energy X-rays (usually around 30 kVp) to examine the human breast and is used as a diagnostic and a screening tool. The goal of mammography is the early detection of breast cancer, typically through detection of characteristic masses and/or microcalcifications.

MSL cheap mammography machines are people known for outstanding reliability and performance.We supply many kinds of cheap mammography machines and or mammography units.

MSL cheap mammography machines

Spatial Resolution: higher than (15) Lp/mm Additional filter: 0.03mm Molybdenum Cassette size: 18*24cm or 24*32cm
used to diagnose early mamma pathological changes
Input Power: Single phase 220VAC, 50/60Hz Radiographic Ratings: Large Focal Point 22-35KV/1-100mAs Power Rating: 3.9kW
Power supply Voltage:180-240V Max rated capability:34kVp,30mA

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