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Automatic Developing Machine MSLXF14 is our new product.lts quality is very hing and it is also very reliable.
Automatic Developing Machine MSLXF13 is made of auti-corrosion materials, high quality and durable.
Frequency: 40KHz; X-Ray Tube: Fixed anode
Lead equivalent: 0.35MMPb, 0.5MMPb
Lead equivalent: 0.35MMPb, 0.5MMPb
Height (inside height) (available custom-made requirement):650mm*780mm-x ray table for sale
The X-ray drying cabinet is suitable for the units such as the hospital and the institution of higher educ-x-ray film dryer
Fixer emission is controlled by a switch, which is automatically pumped out to the collection bin, and thus completely solves users’difficulty in replacing liquid-x-ray film developer machine
Hot sale x-ray chest stand with high quality and best price. Radiographic x-ray chest stand is one kind of x-ray chest stand. MSL always think more about customer and provide best products.
The lead equivalent is: 0.25mmpb, 0.35mmpb, 0.5mmpb -lead protective clothing
Breast Protection,Nuclear Protective Product,Lead Products,X-ray Protective Product-breast protection
It can be equipped with all kinds of the shoot racks, which can effectively protect the patients from the radiation of x-ray during their shootings-protective screen
long sleeves and one-faced-lead apron for x-ray protection
Darkroom light is used for the illumination of the magnification, copy, development and process of the films in the darkroom-x ray dark room accessories
Single Connection: Power Consumption <50W, Screen Size (L×W) 360×435mm, Supply Voltage AC220V, Frequency 50Hz.-xray film viewer
The medical X-ray shield room is composed of flat leads and iron plates. It has two types: fluoroscopic room and camera chamber-fluoroscopic room
Storage film storage boxes for radiation workers using X-ray film. For health care and epidemic prevention units engaged in radiation research and X-ray film storage room staff-medical x-ray films

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